Is your delivery really free?

Yes! We want to remain competitive and our delivery charge is FREE! Absolute zero, zilch, nothing, nada.


How long will the mat take to get here?

Because our mats are printed to order, there is a lead time of approximately 10-14 days from order to delivery. For bespoke designed mats, there is an additional 7 days on this to allow for design and consultation time with the client.


Can you design me a mat like X?

While we can't copy a design wholesale, we can certainly take inspiration from other designs for your own mat. Drop us a line using the Contact Form and we'll work something out! Please bear in mind that we will then add this design to our product list for others to buy. For more information on our Bespoke Design service, please click here.


I want to be the only person in the world with this mat, is that okay?

Yes! While this will cost you a little more, we can certainly create you a one-off design. Contact us using our Contact Form and we will discuss it with you. For more information on our Bespoke Design service, please click here.


Can I have the design files?

No - all designs, whether exclusive-use or in our range remain the property of High Orbit Designs.


Can you add our club logo/website URL to a design?

Yes! There'll be a small one-off fee of £3 to cover the work required, but for that cost we can add your URL/club logo to any/all mats in your order, subject to a high-quality enough logo being sent through. Please specify any requirements before ordering via our Contact Form.