Have you had an idea for a mat for your wargaming table that you just can't find anywhere else? If you've got an idea for a mat that you'd like to see on your table, maybe we can help!


Simply send us an email using our Contact Form outlining the kind of mat design you'd like us to design for you. Let us know the size you're after and we'll message you back with an estimated cost of the mat. If you'd like to proceed, we'll start drafting some designs to show you. Once you're happy with the way it looks, you can pay us and we'll get it printed and despatched to you!


You retain a 12-week exclusivity deal with this mat. Please bear in mind that after this period the design will then be added to our product lines. All designs remain property of High Orbit Designs.


If you'd prefer your design to remain unique to you, then please indicate this at the time of request. These more specific designs will require an initial non-refundable deposit up front before work begins.